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Catch Sushi & Streetfood
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Events & Catering

Events & Catering

At Catch Sushi & Streetfood, our commitment to exceptional experiences goes beyond our restaurant’s walls. We’re delighted to offer catering services that bring the vibrant flavors of our kitchen to your corporate gatherings, parties, and other external events.


Whether it’s a business meeting, a special celebration, or any event in between, our catering services deliver a taste of culinary excellence to your doorstep. Our dedicated team ensures that your guests experience the same fresh, flavorful, and diverse dishes that define Catch Sushi & Streetfood. But that’s not all. We’re proud to announce our partnership with the esteemed AZ Football Club, bringing our culinary delights to their events and matches. This collaboration reflects our commitment to enhancing the matchday experience with delicious street food and sushi.

Evening Events:

In addition to our restaurant offerings, we’re excited to introduce evening events that cater to our discerning older audience. These events will provide a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with a focus on cocktails and conversation. Rest assured, these gatherings won’t disrupt the neighborhood, as we’ve made it a point to keep music volumes at a minimum. Our commercial events will conclude around 1:00 AM, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with our neighbors. At Catch Sushi & Streetfood, we believe in creating memorable moments, whether you’re dining with us or inviting us to your own special occasions. Join us as we continue to expand our culinary horizons and offer a taste of excellence to Alkmaar and beyond.